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Upcoming Dates to Remember
Thursday thru Sunday - April 28 to May 1 - Shake the Can Drive
Monday May 2 - Council Meeting - 8PM

  • Sunday May 8 - Mother's Day Breakfast Buffet - 9AM to 1PM
  • Wednesday May 11 - Rosary for Peace - 7:30PM
  • Friday/Saturday May 13/14 - State Convention in Wildwood
  • Monday May 16 - Council Meeting - 8PM, followed by a lecture
  • Sunday May 22nd - Father Murray Scholarship Dance - 2-6PM
    Check the calendar link and the current Knight Times for more information. . .
    A Special Night!

    Congratulations to the cast and crew of This is it!, this year's Special Children's Show. Thanks also to the people who worked in the background - the waiters, bartenders and kitchen crew. And a special thank you to everyone who came out for a great evening of entertainment, dinner and dancing. Proceeds of this event go to support the charities supported by the Council that help those with special needs.

    Father Steven Carey Lectures Father Steven Carey, pastor of St. Mary's Church, spoke at our lecture on March 21st on Lent and Repentance.

    Want to know more about St. John's Council?
    St. John's Council was chartered in 1908 and celebrated its hundredth anniversary in 2008.

    Having a long history doesn't mean that we can rest on our laurels. St. John's Council is one of the busiest Councils in the State of New Jersey. We strive to go the extra mile when our faith calls upon us and when our community needs us.

    If you have the time, we invite you to watch a short video, produced as we celebrated our centennial year. You can also see how our Knights stay in the news, as we put charity, unity and fraternity into everyday practice by checking out the News link.

    If you want………..

    • the satisfaction of helping others

    • to strengthen your faith and your church

    • to get closer to your family

    • to protect your family's security

    • to be more in touch with your spirituality as a Catholic


    • the idea of service and charity means something to you

    • serving your church and your community means something to you

    THEN, We Have a Place for YOU!

    Please bear with us as our website undergoes some updating and format changes. If you find a broken link, just click on home to get back to the main page.

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